Does she like me?

So there's this girl that I like but I feel like she is giving me mixed signals and can't figure out whether she likes me or not.

- She will always look at me and smile when we pass eachother.

- We stare at eachother from across the room then look away.

- She asks me 'stupid' questions like when are you going to do your homework and is always asking me for help with her work even though there are her friends around her.
- She laughs at most things I say even if it wasn't funny.

- My mate has told me that he reckons she likes me just by the way she acts around me.

- Just today when she was handing out books, she gave me the clean and new one and said that because she likes me she gave it. Then she came around me to hand it out to the rest of my table while she was pressed against my back (I was sitting) - was this intentional?

But then other times she is quiet around me and cuts our conversations short so I am confused?


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  • Obviously she's hitting on you! Jesus! It's like you're stating the obvious! But I get the feeling that not giving in to her is best so far, just be half-friends with her and wait for her to make a more obvious move, if you like her


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  • I'd say approach her about it. Give it a go. The worst she can say is no right?

  • Yes she likes you and has been showing signs of interest. Make a move already bc it sounds like the only reason she wouldn't like you is bc you haven't made a move already.