Have you ever forgiven a creepy guy and dated him and why?

What did the guy do, and what were the reasons for forgiving him.


How did that work out?


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  • No. If I peg a guy as a creep there is probably a reason so I wouldn't "forgive" him for having formulated an opinion about him. Most of the guys who I deem are creeps have valid reasons for being put in that category (being too forward, disrespectful, stare at me too hard, make unwanted sexual comments) so no I wouldn't date someone like that

  • He wasn't really creepy. I was totally attracted to him from the beginning. Very handsome man. He is a professional, intelligent which I was I was looking for. However he had some self-centeredness in him that really got to me. He also wasn't able to tell me if there was a problem without screaming at me, then he would call and apologize. I put up with that for a bit, then I learned to move on as he would continue to call me to see how things were going, etc.

    Guess for me it was not a fear of being alone, but I really liked that guy more than he apparently liked me.


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