Will my brother get in trouble? Kidnapping and threatening?

My brother is 22 years old, He has a girlfriend who's 22, His girlfriend has a neighbor (lets call him Chris) who's 24 who likes her and keeps bothering, flirting, cat calling, touching her and he even told me "you better tell your brother to stop dating her or else I'll beat him up". My brother used to be violent but he's been doing Buddhism and is practicing peace, love, understanding and tolerance. My brother has tried talking to Chris and Chris laughed and punched my brother in the balls and does not take my brother seriously. My brother has even tried talking to his girlfriend parents and they don't seem to care, don't believe it or think Chris a good kid, His girlfriend is not the type of person who will call the cops or anything because she's too nice and naive.

My brother got mad and lost it when this guy kissed his girlfriend hand in front of him and later that night My brother got like 3 Army friends and basically kidnapped Chris, put him in the trunk and drove him to an ally. Then my brother and his friends who had baseball bats open the trunk and threw in onto the floor and basically my brother told him "Don't worry Chris, we aren't going to hurt you, not unless we have to, this is what I want you to do. From now on you're not going to talk to her, touch her, she's a ghost and does not exist. You're not going to go to her house anymore or else you'll regret it" then they left.

I'm worried my brother will get in trouble or something, what can I do? And what can happen to him for what he did?

I know I made the story and the part about my brother sound anti climactic, its just the way I explain things sorry, Also my brother was in the Army too, I don't know if that info is useful

Umm my brother did free him, I said he left, the guy walked home, the alley wasn't even that far from where Chris lives. I should also mention that the kind of touching this guy did was open her robe one time, smell her hair, grab her hair and smell it.


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  • Yes. It's really big problem really really big. Laws have great really really great punishments for kidnappers.


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  • Wth your brother SHOULD get in trouble for that!
    He also seems to have some serious mental problems I hope he'll get the help he needs asap.

    • So what should he have done, he tried everything and the guy sexually assults his girlfriend and calls it harless flirting, he grabs her, touches her, smells her hair, one time he opened her robe when she had one on, he askes her questions like "are you a virgin", threatened my brother, assulted my brother. As by the way other people hate this guy and rumors is he treats other people/women like this. he's a very rapey guy and my brother lost it.

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    • And it would cause problems with her parent which I already walk on thin ice with, her mom doesn't like me, so getting the cops involve would kinda put me in a drama situation with the mom who im already working so hard for

    • Anyways i see your point, thanks and i appreciate your opinion

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  • to me it sounds like your brother did the right thing, and he should've beat him up a little so he can learn a lesson to not mess with anyone and with him. but your brother should free him and let him be free but if he did another stupid thing with that girl then your brother should beat the shit out of him

    • Lol he is free, I said that my brother and his friends left, the guy was in a alley and just walked home, the alley sint that far from his house

    • hmm then its ok.

  • all this over a woman, lmao. It reminds me of the story of Troy's downfall. I mean holy shit. Honestly, your brother should get in trouble for pulling a stunt like that. That's not the way you handle disputes. Sounds like your brother and this other dude are both putting this girl on way too high of a pedestal. And i bet she's not even that great looking either, but because most guys are shit with women, they latch on to any girl that gives them the time of day. Fuck..

    • This guy doesn't listen to reason so thats why he got mad, and they have been going out for years so its not as if he's putting her on a pedestal. They love each other, she isn't just some chick, and he tried handling this situation in other ways, he isn't shit to her and she isn't shit to him. And what doe looks have to do with anything? Thats irrelevant. How would you handle it? Serious question, I'm not saying what my brother did was right but the guy was making it difficult by bascially sexually assulting his girlfriend and her family didn't listen to him, he tried talking to the guy, she doesn't want to go to police and even if she did it will most likely be a she said he said, that always happens

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    • Sometimes people dont learn, there's was a racist bully in high school once who used to beat me up because he didn't like blacks and mexicans, I'm half mexican half black, I told the teachers and that only made my situation worse. I was a snitch to the school, I looked pathetic to the students and I became an even bigger target and it ruined my social status and I was known as the cry baby. My brother who was a grade above me found out, kicked his ass after school and the bully never bothered me again. And the people focused on the bully getting his ass kicked so the negative focus on me snitching wasn't really there anymore.

    • Her social anxiety is really sever like panic attack or she freezes and stuff like you really have to see it to know what I mean. he's too scared to stand up for herself. I feel you're not really understanding, I used to be in a position like that were I was way too scared to stand up for myself, its something hard to break though for some people. I got over it by joining MMA and learning how to fight LOL.

      Anyways I see your points though, thanks for your opinion I appriciate it