Why are girlfriends so hard to find in college I'm good looking and skilled. I'm definitely way better than average and I don't know what to do?

It's hard to find someone I would want to have a relationship with, my standards aren't high and I don't flaunt my abilities. I'm sorta wondering if that's the problem, do I have to act like a tool to be noticed or pretend that I'm better than I am. I know my place but it seems the the guys that don't end up getting girls who are great while I'm sitting here wondering if I'm doing something wrong or just havnt found the right person. Am I missing hints I really don't know


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  • I'm in the same situation as you; you probably have not found the right person yet.

  • Girls are not into looks! Besides, it is the guys who are supposed to notice the girl only he really knows for at least a couple of few years. You seem to be socially awkward not necessarily autistic.

    • Haha you went as far as half diagnosing me maybe I'm just shy. You obviously aren't from California, the girls choose here that's how it goes. Approaching without a que can get you in some shit

    • Do you still feel better from other people's opinions towards your question? You do not have to talk about your private life to me.

  • Well, the title to this Ask makes it sound like you are conceited and that you flaunt your abilities. Maybe you don't in real life, but I wanted to let you know that this is how you sound online, so maybe you want to think about if that's how you come across in person.

    All throughout college I was single. I just didn't have the time for a relationship, I was too busy studying. And then in my free time I liked to hang out with my friends. The college relationships that I saw as lasting ones were ones that started as a big group of friends hanging out and then 2 of them start dating since they all hang out anyway.

    • Wait can you help me, where did I flaunt?

    • Oops my bad I re-read the title and yea I don't act like that in real life but it's easier to anonymously put your thoughts out online. Ya there's a place and time but I've actually had situations when I tell a girl what I do for fun or something like 3 years after knowing them and then they get into me all the sudden. Is that what women are looking for like things that set guys apart from other guys

    • hmmm, it seems odd that as soon as she learns what you like to do she suddenly becomes into you... I think that's just a weird situation and I'm not sure what to say about that, especially since you'd assume that she would know about your hobbies after knowing you for 3 years.
      BUT it is true that many people find a boyfriend/girlfriend through their hobbies, and people look for a boyfriend/girlfriend who has similiar interests to them. So yeah that's definitely a way to connect with someone.

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