Are there girs who wanna take their time to get to know eachother before kissing and sex?

I recently lost a girl because I was waiting to long to kiss her. I really liked her (more than I ever liked a girl), but I wasn't comfortable with kissing her or even have sex with her jet.
When I hear about people kissing and having sex at a first date, I allway think about that I couldn't do that. I want to know a person and trust her before I kiss her or even have sex with her.

So, do I have to accept that girls want at least kiss at the first few dates, or are there girs out there who are willing to wait until both are comfortable with it.



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  • Of course there are girls who take their time before letting things get physical. That sounds a lot like myself.


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  • i dont have sex till at least a month as passed but i might give a handy or a boyfriend after 2-3 weeks

  • Yes, one of them is me

    • So you'd be fine to wait a few weeks until we both wanna kiss, whithout dumping me?

    • I guess lmao

  • I guess it depends on how long you wait to kiss her, but I understand the sex part of it.

    • I can't tell you how long, but I need to feel a connection thats deeper than "shes good looking" or "she seems to be a nice person"

      The girl I 'lost' I knewed for a while, but the heavy touchy flirting was going on for about 3 weeks and I started to feel the demand for kissing her

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