Is 13 year age gap too much for a guy to date a girl? I'm 36 and my girlfriend is 23, is this too Much?


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  • It's perfectly legal so if you two are happy together then you shouldn't concern yourselves with what other people may think. Sure there are people who may say that you're in different places in life and stuff like that but that's not always accurate since I know a lot of girls in their early 20s who are actually quite mature and I could totally see them dating a man in his 30s. Not every 23 year old is the same, just like not every 36 year old is the same.
    You're not gonna dump your girl just because some people may say it's too much of an age difference, right? Giving a fuck about what other people who aren't a part of the relationship think might be an even bigger issue than the age gap itself.

  • No, my father is 13 years older than my mother and happily married for 19 years :)


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