How do I approch a random girl who showed ineterest?

So iam a University student, I see lots of girls on daily basis and some are pretty hot as well, iam sure i have a fan base as well since many girls stare at me and give looks and stares and look deep into my eyes and check me out from head to toe (yes i've noticed), and i got few numbers as well (well they were handed to me actually ), but the thing is whenever i see a girl i like who seemes obsessed with me she ends up taken or I don't know what happens, i never approached any girl face to face in college yet even though i've seen lots of signs saying i should but past experiences kinda... discouraged me.

Now there is this girl i've seen her 3 times so far, each time she sits somewhere with her friends and can't keep her eyes off me, she's not super pretty but she has a nice face and great body, and she always stares at me and shys away once i stare into her eyes for few seconds ( yea she holds the gaze), how do i approach her? iam not looking for cheesy pick up lines or chessy ways of approaching a girl i want a more realisitc approach?


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  • And where exactly do you see this girl? Like in class? Or at a party

    • No on campus in my the free time i have between classes , the library, bus station... etc different places, different timings, but the same thing happens.

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  • Introduce yourself, ask questions get to know her

    • yeah but i dont want to sound like iam creepy or something, so i need to ask simple questions

    • No need to overcomplicate, just pretend you're friends already! Be fun, be confident