What do you mean by dating?

I have been browsing singles sites, the internet, and also talking to friends, and the same expressions keep comin' up. So now I get to my point, what does it all mean? What do you mean when you say 'dating'? Some people use it to mean that they are exclusively seeing someone, their girlfriend. Then I have also heard others use it to mean they are simply taking a girl to the typical dinner and a movie situation? How do you define dating?


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  • I realize I'm in a different age group than you so answers might very. There's a whole bunch of different terms you can use and they all can mean various things. Dating to me would imply that you've gone out with that person before and intend to keep going out with them, so a current boyfriend or girlfriend. A date (singular) would to me mean that its a classic date.


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  • The time shared with a significant other. A way to exchange personal information by an activity or through conversation.