Getting my top wisdom and two bottom molars out?

Hey, so I'm getting my two top wisdom teeth out as well as my two back bottom molars in the same day. I'm just wondering how bad it will hurt afterwards? My wisdom teeth aren't compacted or anything, and my two bottom molars are just bad cavities. Any help with the healing, how the process will be and such?


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  • Don't do any sucking like smoking, or a drink through a straw. That can cause a dry socket and let me tell you, you don't want one. You'll be down about three days. Just treat your mouth with tlc for a bit and you'll be fine


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  • Eh it's not that bad but trying to work out with them sucks. Don't do it because you could get plugs or whatever. Good luck and have fun with all the snap chats you're going to accidentally send haha


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