I want to take this girl out on a date!

so I want to take this girl out on a date and every time I ask she says maybe what can I do to make it a def yes ?

i also forgot to mention that we work together if that makes a difference but we don't work in the same area just the same building


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  • If its sometihng I have learned over the years is how to get a girl to say yes to date...not really but I've been in this situation b4 and I figured out that instead of asking just tell them. So instead of asking them out to dinner, Ask sometihng like, "what are ur plans for ____ Night?" Then if she says she doesn't kn ow just say, "Well ur going to go out to dinner with me." This is sort of that bad boy thing going on sort of being a jerk but this shows great confidence. I hope this works out for you.


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  • does it have to be an actual date, or do you just want to get her out a few times to see what will happen? Try talking to her more to find out what she would consider to be a perfect date and then arrange it. This is going to sound shallow, but most girls will say yes even if they don't like you if the date something they really want to do.

  • This question comes up a lot. And for girls, too.

    Imagine it like this: she is interested in you, just something isn't quite clicking.

    Maybe you could try impressing her or taking her out on a dinner date,

    she will appreciate you asking her (You have to in person) and yours guts to actually man up.

    Or maybe she doesn't want a boyfriend at the moment and doesn't want to hurt you. Did she just get out of a relationship? This could be a reason...Just don't give up or she will think you were good-for-nothing in the first place!

    I hope this helps!

  • Yea, I don't think that she is interested...

    she has said " maybe" on more than one occasion...

    When I like a guy I say Hellz yeah! xD


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  • When a woman says maybe, that is pretty much the same thing as her saying no, but in a nice way, so you can keep trying but she will probably keep saying maybe, another thing she might says is we'll see, that is the same as maybe, which is the same as saying no. If she was really interested in you, she would have said yes.

  • like one of the previous answerers said

    tell. don't ask a girl.

    tell her "I'm going to ______ (movie, restaurant, bowling alley, etc.). Come with me."

    don't stay "Will you go out with me?"

    you have to have the mindset that she will have a fun time from going out with you instead of making it seem like she is doing you a favor by accepting. best of luck.

  • If she wanted to go out with you she would of said yeah.

    If I were you I would ignore her to get her to think *maybe I'm missing out on something*

    • That won't work...

      heres why, ignoring her will make it seem like you gave up. If she is that hot I'm sure she gets hit on every day by different men, therefore men are a dime a dozen and she has no qualms about rejecting the ones she isn't interested in.

      because of this,she won't feel like she's missing out on something, he'll just be another reject added to the list.

      games like these "ignoring" games never work out the way the ignorer thinks.