My girlfriend is too close too her ex?

I've been going out with my girlfriend for 6 months and am very much in love with her and she says she is in love with me, but i get frustrated with the amount of time she spends with her soon to be ex husband. They separated 8 months ago and are filing for divorce next month. However this man is my girlfriends best friend, she is not that social and does not have many friends, they work together and often hang out after watching footie at his place, go to gigs cinema etc.

She said she split up with him because she did not love him, I know he is taking it very hard and is not making any effort to meet new people and relies on her. We have spoken about it and i have told her how i feel, but she assures me nothing is going on. We had a big row and she ended up staying the night at his house which made things worse. We are planning to travel overseas next year, and she has told me that she wants to travel with him when he comes to visit, which i think is a bit much. As we have not being going out for that long i feel that they have a strong emotional relationship that we don't yet have, and she can get this emotional support from him and does not need it from me.

Am i worrying about nothing, should i trust her and just learn to share her with her Ex? don't think i would be very good at this, even at the moment i am finding it very difficult and cringe every time the phone rings and it's him.

what should I do?



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  • Its certainly annoying but i think you just have to ignore it. Unless it becomes relevent


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  • You know what?, the more u get angry and the more u get pissed, the more she is going to gravitate towards the ex.
    And lets face it, she is still going to be emotionally connected to the ex coz she had more timing with that guy and u just met her.
    The best thing is to tell her "hey, im not ok with u being with ur ex, when u are completely done and over with your ex, then give me a call"
    and then, u walk and never look back.
    Coz u cry and whine and fight with her but never leave her so she has no consequences of fucking her ex and still keep u in the background.
    Walk away dude, have some self respect.


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  • Honestly it sounds like she really hasn't let go of that part of her life yet. Its time to back away because she is not divorced from him and let them figure it out. If she finally leaves his life, then go ahead and get more serious.


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  • lol these hoe's ain't loyal