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Had a good first date, and there was lots of kissing afterward haha. He texted me the next day saying he had good time and wanted to see me that night. I couldn't make it, but he said we would definitely hang out later in the week. That was on Sunday, now it's Wednesday and I haven't heard from him. I want to start making plans for the weekend…should I just wait some more? Should I text him? At what point should I just let it go?


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  • Be confident, be open,


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  • Well you were the one who wasn't free when he wanted to see you, he might be waiting for you to follow up with a time you were actually free. I think you should just ask him yourself..


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  • You should call him and try to make plans. He asked to see you, and you had to turn him down that night. Nothing wrong with that, life happens. However, he probably thinks that the ball is in your court.

    • Okay, I just don't want to seem too desperate and since we've only been on one date, I feel like there should still be a chase, you know?

    • I hear you. But, some guys aren't into the whole chasing thing. A few years ago I dated a girl who enjoyed being chased. She refused to call or text first. I had to plan all of the dates. When she bailed, she expected me to decide on a different day. I realized 3 dates in that I didn't have time for such games. So, I ended things. The guy you're dating might be the same way.
      More importantly, it's fair for him to expect you to decide on a day, since you turned down his first offer.

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