Girls, PLEASE READ Should I continue to text this particular girl or not? (See additional details below)? Please read additional details?

Met the girl at a nightclub, (she approached me along with 2 of her friends), after chatting for a while, she asked if I was on Facebook... and sent a "friend request", a few days later I messaged her via facebook saying it was good talking to her the few days prior, and asked if she would like to meet for lunch, (along with her 2 friends), as it was difficult to have a conversation with the loud music in the nightclub... she responded "yeah I don't see why not", that she was away on a trip with family for a few days, but would mention to her friends when she arrived home. I contacted her a week later inquiring how the trip was, but didn't mention meeting for lunch... believing the fact I sent a follow up message would "break the ice" so to speak and give her an opportunity to mention meeting for lunch if she wanted to. However her response was confusing, although I'm thinking more like "polite rejection" she commented on her trip, said "good to hear from you, hope all is well, enjoy the rest of college talk soon". Therefore I'm assuming the fact she did not mention meeting for lunch and "enjoy the rest of college" she does not intend on further contact, with the remainder of the response a "polite reply". I haven't messaged her in just over a month or received a message from her. I was considering messaging her once more, as summer holidays from college begin soon, inquiring as to her plans for summer, and depending on her response may suggesting again if she would like to meet for lunch or a drink etc? I really liked her personality on the occasion I met her...(conversation went well), however if she is not interested I do not want to be an annoyance by contacting again. Could it be she just did not want to suggest lunch and is waiting for me to ask again? (I'm assuming if she was "interested" she would have messaged at least), I have a "boring" facebook page few posts/pictures etc, maybe she views me therefore as "boring?" "upsidedown" smiley face in each reply


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  • Lol upsidedown smileys are the best. she's probably still interested.

    • Thanks for the reply. Any suggestions as to the meaning/use of the "upsidedown smiley face"?

    • Its the best face whenever you're happy or happy to talk or see someone. Basically means you're glad/ like to talk to them.

  • Honestly I think you should give up. It seems obvious she isn't interested and had no intention of carrying on a conversation with you. Also even if she was just shy about mentioning the lunch, she wouldn't have just dismissed you like that if she was interested.
    Sorry to disappoint you, but you should probably move on.

    • Thanks for the reply.