What di you feel like when you like someone?

So when I was 15 or 16 I liked this guy. Whenever I talked to him I would feel goosebumps and laugh about anything. Fast forward now I am 21. I really like this guy since the first day I met him. But I like to stare at his smile. And I dont feel goosebumps is it normal do I have to feel something different I dont know. I touched his hand last time. what am I suppose to feel all I know is I like him. Please share your opinion. i would truly appreciated. Also I have never had a boyfriend so thats why I dont know what to feel.


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  • i liked a boy before and I think everyone of my friends could see it. I liked when he smiled and always looked at him. I was basically steering. i would get excited when he would talk to me or hug me or something like that. And if I saw him with another girl I would get super jealous even if we were not together.

    • yes same thing happens to me. I really like him. If we are in a car with friends he usually sits in the front he will turn around and smile at me n stare for a few seconds. He always manages to keep touching like shaking my hand or touching my shoulder. my mom even says she is sure he likes me. I like his smile n I do feel jealous if I know some girl is talking to him. but when we first met. He mentioned to us all that he wasn't ready for a relationship. so how could I possibly make a move. I am to much of a chicken.


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  • Its normal, with age sometimes that firat feeling thing will go abit. But you may still have fun and when things get heated up you will still feel your heart racing.

  • When I was 14, I liked a girl in my class. I felt my heart pounding whenever I saw her. I just felt so nervous. There a lot of ways people feel when they like someone.


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