Stops texting.. but adds me on SnapChat?

This has happened to me not once, but TWICE. Went on a date with guy. Before that we were texting occasionally. After first date, he falls off the face of the earth and don't hear from him again. Two weeks later, he adds SnapChat? WTF. What is this supposed to mean?


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  • you were in his contacts so he got a prompt to add you on snapchat

    however if he was really interested in you he would be texting you consistently and have planned another date by now. if he does contact you itll probably be after he see you looking good in a pic and wants to see if he can fuck so dont take him seriously

  • Have you tried texting him to see if he replied?
    If he didn't or hasn't, he's just doing it for attention. Or to show his friends that he has this many girls on his snapchat.