Am I just overthinking?

My boyfriend likes to trace the veins on my wrist and last time he'll just trace them with his finger and I thought it was well, a not so common way of showing affection? But yesterday he took out a needle and started tracing them and it kind of creeped me out 😖 and so I drew back my hand because I got scared but he was just like "I really like your veins"

So when I got home I realized that there were some scratches and a bit of bleeding, is this some kind of new fetish? I'm creeped out 😢 I like him but not when he does that, what should I do? 😢


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  • That IS very creepy. You should tell him that you are not comfortable with that, at all.

    The fact that he traced it with a needle not just creepy, but potentially dangerous as well. While it is up to you, consider letting your parents know about this. I doubt your boyfriend will do something to harm you, but you should at the very least be cautious.

    When you talk to him about this, make it unmistakably clear that you do NOT want this to happen again. He may try to dismiss it by saying: "haha, don't worry, it was nothing". If he does say they, respond with: "No, it was not okay and I was really creeped out by it. Do NOT do that ever again."

    If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.
    And be careful, I don't like the fact that he "liked your veins"


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  • That's creepy. Not sure if it's a fetish or just fascination. Talk to him about it and explain that it's making you hella uncomfortable.

    • I tried to but he said that when he gets into those kinds of moods he's not really that sure of what he's doing 😓

    • Oh geez, he's daft then. Nothing is more stupid than doing stuff without even knowing why the fuck you're doing them. Tell him to get a grip and stop doing it anyway.


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  • that's eerie.. if u jerk, in goes that needle.

  • definitely talk to him about it


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  • That's a really dangerous fetish

    • Dangerous? It's more of scary because he seemed like he wasn't aware of what he was doing, like he flipped a switch...

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    • I don't think he would do that... But I'm scared! 😓

    • You could have put it a little less blunt.

      Besides, i doubt he would do that. I do agree that she should be cautious