My girlfriend does not like using her mobile phone?

I have been going out with this girl for 7 months. It has been online for the whole thing, I have not met her in person yet. In those 7 months I have received 1 phone call from her. She says she doesn't like using her phone as she is always busy, when I got the phone call she hid her number, meaning i cannot ring her.

we mainly use Skype to talk and occasionally facebook, I've asked for video calls or voice calls and she says no each time. i have received photos from her, however due to not having a video call from her i dont know if they are of her or not.

i am 19 years old and she is 37 years old. this is my 1st girlfriend and i am struggling, most of my friends have had a multitude of GF/BF's. they always say they buy gifts for them, but when i offer to buy her gifts she says no.

my parents do not know i have a girlfriend, as i am worried that they will not approve of it. can anyone help me out?


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  • That's really fishy. She's definitely hiding something. I'd find someone else if I were you.


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  • Everything about this tells me that she isn't being honest with you dude. In all honesty I wouldn't be surprised it she is married or at least has a full time boyfriend. She can't call or video chat without leaving evidence that it happened for her hubby / boyfriend can find. She won't accept gifts as she would have to explain where they come from. Maybe I'm wrong about this all the way around , but her actions without a doubt are very suspicious