How do I know if he's just telling me what I want to hear or if he wants it also?

I'm 18(black) my boyfriend just turned 24(white).. I was a virgin we've been dating for 5 months.. Before we had sex it was "I wanna marry you, have my kids, I wanna move in together" and after sex he still says the same thing.. I don't know if its to keep getting sex while we're in a relationship or if he really wants too as bad as I do😔 I've had so many fucked up relationships that I don't know what to think, he seems like a great guy & I wouldn't trade him for anything.. Opinions please?


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  • You just have to trust. That's what is important in a relationship. If he says he loves you and will marry you then you just have to trust him if you love him. If he breaks your heart that is the risk you take with relationships.

  • Be open with him about these things. you don't want to keep these in your head because things are going to lead into other assumptions. He's probably really genuine but just pay attention to his actions. Actions > words.