Why does an ex likes everything I post on Facebook?

We had 3 dates and she chose someone else. I denied her LJBF proposal and tried to move on. She likes everything I post, while I stop liking all her posts. In addition, she tried to catch up with me last week, but I just responsed to her "How are you?" question. It drives me crazy. What does she want from me this time?


What Girls Said 1

  • She might just really want to be friends, or she feels guilty for the LJBF offer when she knew that you wanted more (or at least she thought that). Some people can't stand to be on bad terms with someone, whereas you seem to just want to go your separate ways, she might just want to be on good friendly terms. If you don't want her on your fbook, you can always delete her, I think she'd take the hint. Good luck!

    • We haven't argued, but we went separate ways. I was crystal clear from the beginning that I was attracted to her and we couldnt be friends. I am not mean to her, but I want to heal from it. The last time we spoke I told her to make whatever she wants and maybe, we could try later, if we are single.

What Guys Said 1

  • Good on you for not taking the being friends proposal. She sounds selfish. Just ignore her and let her like your stuff. She may have figured out she made a mistake and is trying to get your attention but leave it be. Leave her on your Facebook too. It will drive her nuts and who knows maybe you can get an easy fuck out of this.