Is it okay for a ninth and a seventh grader to date?

So I'm in ninth grade and my girlfriend is in seventh. I have some friends who think it's disgusting for us to date because we're two years apart, but I also have some friends who think it's perfectly fine because we both really like eachother. So what I want to know is whether or not you guys think it's "appropriate" for me, a ninth grade boy, to be going out with a seventh grade girl.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Yes. Yes it is.

    The age difference isn't an issue. Two years is the difference between my boyfriend and I.

    But the age difference at YOUR age IS an issue. You're babies. You have no place dating. It's unhealthy. At 13, she's not mentally, romantically, or emotionally capable of healthily being a girlfriend. Her mind will be warped into a way of thinking that is not conducive to a child's mental development. That's right, a CHILD'S mental development. Because she's a CHILD.

    As for you... you're not much better. You're 15. You can't drive. You can't do anything. And two years at your age is akin to a 16 year old and a 25 year old dating. Not literally, but maturity wise and the dangers of emotional abuse from both sides is.

    So yes. It's wrong. It's concerning. And neither of you should be dating anyone.

    If she's the One for you then she'll be the One in 3 years when you're 16 and 18 and both capable of actually being a healthy couple.


Most Helpful Guy

  • 2 years difference is nothing.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Middle schoolers should be dating at all let alone dating high schoolers.


What Guys Said 3

  • That's not a big difference and you're both underage so it's okay

  • Lol that age it's not even real dating


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