What am I doing wrong? Why do guys always stop talking to me? (Picture text included)?

What am I doing wrong? Why do guys always stop talking to me? (Picture text included)???

This guy and I matched early this morning. He messaged me first. This is the convo. He just stopped messaging me and I haven't heard from him since. I told him the tattoos I had and asked about his. No response. He still has me matched as well- he didn't unmatch me. Am I writing something wrong to these guys? I use emojis I try to sound fun? Am I boring? I don't know what I'm doing wrong anymore. I went on 5 online dates in a month and they all ended badly. They meet me and they stop texting me or I have convos like these and the guy stops messaging me. Tips? What can I do to change or to keep them talking to me longer and get interested?


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  • I don't see where you are doing anything wrong except talking to guys that just want to hook up and nothing more, these guys don't seem to be looking for the same thing you are. I could be wrong, but you seem like you're fun to talk to, and get to know. If you are looking for a relationship keep doing what you are doing, this is just a process of elimination, however if you are looking for a hook up talk about sex early on so they know the deal.

    • I mean this conversation was only 30 minutes or less. Lol. How could I bring it up if he stopped so fast? I feel rejected and ugly because of it.

    • Usually sex is brought up in the first 5 minutes if it's for hookups. Generally you ask a question similar to the ones you asked but make the answer sexual. You are right to feel rejected, maybe the guy was just being a douche, however I doubt you are ugly in anyway, you seem to have a great personality, I would put all my eggs into the looks category anyway, if you want anything long term.

  • You are great anyone will reply you


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  • It's still the same day! Perhaps he got busy and held up. It okay don't freak out, perhaps tomorrow just ask him whats up or how he is!

    • I would love to do stuff like that but I just met him and I feel like I would be bothering him. This conversation was 30 minutes and less. He just stopped. Sure he could be busy, it's Mother's Day but I don't know. I don't think that's the case. I don't know if me having tattoos was what the deal breaker was? So weird. He has tattoos too. Meh

    • I think you're thinking about it too hard, just message him tomorrow and if no response then you know not to bother anymore!