What is the purpose of having all these single girls as friends on facebook if they dont want to do stuff with me?

They are my mutual friends of my guy friends from high school. Most of them complain of how they are very lonely and have no one to do stuff with they put as their status. When I suggest to do stuff with them through a message they see the message and ignore me. I wonder why they accepted my friend request in the 1st place if they werent going to give me the time of day. :(


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  • If u don't want to be friends and they don't want to fuck u then I guess there isn't any point.

    • But they should at least hang out with me.

    • If u approach them for sex and they aren't interested in u in that way then they aren't going to want to hang out. Why do u want to hang out with them if they aren't interested in sex and u aren't interested in friendship.

    • I'm not interested in sex, I just want to hang out with them and get to know them.


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  • to be polite? just coz a girl accepts you doesn't mean they want to hang out in real life I am afraid...

  • Because maybe you come across as a creep. If they don't know you they won't reply. The way you approach them might be the problem

    • I'm not a creep though I have aspergers and hate being lonely all the time.

  • It's a friend request not a relationship request. Seriously.


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