Should I ask out my ex again?

This girl and I went out for a few weeks. We stopped seeing each other because there didn't seem to be much in common. We stayed friends and work together and now seem to have gotten to know her more. I never stopped liking her but she may think I have. Now she's kind of expecting this other guy to ask her out, but I still like her and want to go out again, but don't know if it's a good idea. It seems high schoolish writing this out, but just want things to go right.


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  • Nope not again! Aren't there more girls where u live?

  • No harm in giving it a shot. Tell her your feelings but be prepared for the possibility of rejection. I can't tell from the post whether or not she is interested in a relationship again with you.. but that doesn't mean she isn't. I'd say: explain your feelings, some of what you said here, and ask her out. :)


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