I'm newly back into the dating game and met a guy that I really want to hang out with. Numbers were exchanged- Can I be the one to ask him out?

So I had a really messy situation with my ex and I'm finally ready to date around again. I was out at a bar and saw this guy while outside for a smoke and I was instantly attracted. I don't usually get that way because it usually takes a guy being genuinely cool to spark my interest, but I was instantly like damn, I want to talk to him. So I did, and it was great. We exchanged numbers, and a man walked by who was selling roses and he bought me one. Corny but cute. He texted me that night saying it was cool meeting and we said goodnight. I couldn't resist texting him the next day (again.. Very unlike me) and we've been having a little conversation but there's usually hours in between responses, and now I haven't heard back from him all day. I honestly just want to go out for a drink with him and talk to him and see why I'm was so instantly attracted. If he doesn't reply to me today, should I still attempt to ask him for a drink? I don't want to be the eager one here but I guess I am eager, and I haven't felt this way in a while. is it a turn off if I double text and ask him out?


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  • If you like him and it sounds like you do then ask him out for drinks or a date of some sort. Worst thing that will happen is he says no. But it sounds like you two hit it off so I believe he would say yes. Either way you will get an answer and will know where you stand. Best of luck!


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  • I think you should text him

  • No, that's not ladylike

    • True. I guess I just want to see if there's an opportunity of something happening. But I guess ur right.

    • the more you'll wait, the more he'll want you. in the end, he'll want you more than anything and all you have to do is allowing him to be yours ;)

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