Do u regret that u didn't give someone a chance before?

Let me explain guys I couldn't formulate my question better than that.
Last year a girl was trying to know me she asked my friends about me and did many things so that we can meet together and maybe date until she ended up approaching me although I acted nice, in the next day I didn't say hi
The girl was totally awesome but me being insecure about some pounds I gained (now I lost them) made me so negative..
All I'm thinking about now is to go visit her in the place she works in and just say hi to her I really feel that I did her wrong and didn't care about her existence when she was almost between my hand do u think I should go or not?

My hands*


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  • What you're saying has happened to me. I said "no" to a guy I was crazy about.
    Anyway, I think you should go, otherwise you will end up regretting it.


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  • Sorta... My life is pretty good today, pretty happy with it, so everything worked out good even though there was some people I may not have given a second or even first chance. I guess you have to be far along in life and not happy with where you are at to start worrying about regret like that.


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  • Nah... I think its okay!


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  • I do admit my left hand deserved more when I was young. But nooooo. I was too proud.