Our relationship has changed dramatically. Help?

I have been seeing this guy for almost a year. Spent a good few months together before I started full time work and he went back to uni.
We always had fun and were really happy. I would live at his half the week, we would message all the time, ring etc.

He went to uni (3hrs away) and at first he was "I want to be with you", "I love you" etc. but eventually became scarce texts. Saw him on weekends and it was fine.

He spent the holidays back home and we hung out but it was less fun. He told me he was very sad, personal problems etc. and didn't know ho to handle them.

He has gone back to uni now and I have barely heard from him in the 2 weeks he has been gone.

1st message - said he was busy, he won't forget me, speak soon etc. xx
2nd message - just said "miss you"
3rd message - "just through I would text you to say I extremely miss your 10/10 rig" (a joke between us) = lead to quick small talk-y convo and then no reply to last message.

I haven't messaged him. He's very hot & cold with me. Clearly still interested & misses me but having personal issues. I don't know what to do about it & I want to go back to the summer. What's going on? What do I do?


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  • These issues don't seem to be about you, so don't worry.


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  • If his behavior has changed then likely it's not just his personal problems but also his feelings. Not everyone can do the distance thing. If someone truly cares about you, and wants you/loves you they will make time for you. Anything else is just a reflection of your worth in their eyes.


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  • It obviously seems like he needs some space. I would just let him know that if he ever wanted to talk or needed someone to listen you will be there and then I'll just let him be. He obviously still cares about you so I don't think you have to worry about anything. Give him time to sort out whatever it is he needs to sort out.

  • Sounds like he is torn between you and his uni lifestyle :(