The guy that I met last summer is back in town should I text him?

So i met this guy last summer on a party, we talked a lot and made out. However the night I met him was his last night in town but we still continue to talk for a bit after he left. It's been a year now and he is back for a month. Should i text him or i should wait for him to text me? I mean i was thinking if the guy is interested he will text me and if he doesn't then I should just let it go.


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  • I think in this situation either could text. Normally I would say wait for him, but since you have not seen him for so long it would be no big deal to just text and say "so, you are back?" and see what he says. Hopefully, he will initiate wanting to hang out. Yes, if he were interested he would, but how interested does he have to be at this point? You made out one time. So, it is still light, fun and casual so you can reach out to him first and keep it fun and casual, remember he is only in town for a month.

    • You're right but i just don't want to seem to0 desperate... especially all our friends know that we made out they will already be putting pressure on him i m pretty sure...

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    • Besides, why don't you try hanging out with him and your friends again. Tell your friends to invite him out. That is actually what I would do, then you can see how he acts then.

    • That sounds like an excellent plan I would do that thank you ;)


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  • its been a year... you remember him, seems he doesn't remember you. you can either remind him, or let it go.

  • You should text him


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  • You have nothing to lose. A text is so simple and easy. Just go for it :)

    • I would wait for a few more days and if he doesn't text me i will! ;)