I find this odd?

Two weeks ago my 29 year old boyfriend proposed to me yaaayyy!! We have been going out 5 years. His mom who lives nearby so we see a lot said she wanted him to come over alone so she could talk to him about wedding stuff. I find that odd and hurtful because I always considered us close and not only that I'm worried she is saying negative things about me besides shouldn't the bride have a right to be there if wedding stuff is being discussed? Im really lost should i say to my fiance i think its best if we both go over?


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  • she's gonna ask him what took so long

  • I'm sure it's pretty normal if a mother wants to talk with her son in private about such a huge step in life. Don't worry about it too much.

    • What can't she say in front of me though? I always thought she saw me like a daughter (she doesn't have any)

    • Why can't she say it in front of me his fiance? She has to realize since im his fiance he is going to tell me what she said

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  • I don't think you need to worry. She probably just want to make sure this is really what your boyfriend wants. It nothing against you. I just think she thinks it is her job to make sure he is certain about his choices, and it is her job. She has to put him first.

    • I never said she shouldn't put him first but i just feel our engagement decision is between us and i shouldn't be excluded he is almost 30 years old he knows what he wants. That's what worries me if she lines me why would she even question if he wants to marry me

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    • Good luck. and by the way congratulations on the engagement. :)

    • Aww thank you veey much!