IF a guy says "Leave me Alone"?

My boyfriend of 2 years moved out, and we have been fighting up until yesterday when he told me to "leave him alone". I was wondering how long I should wait to contact him, or should I wait for him to contact me?


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  • What would you want if it were you that said those words? if you could actually get a guy to say "leave me alone"... its probably best that you do.

    • So wait for him to contact me? Or contact him at the end of the week? I would want to be contacted...

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    • Thank you for your help kind sir~

    • very welcome.

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  • You should do as he wishes.

    • so should i contact him in a week or let him be?

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    • Thanks doll!

    • No problem. :)


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  • Don't contact him. If he told you to leave him alone, he means it. Let him come to you. If he doesn't the. Cest la vie.

    • So I shouldn't contact him, even if its gonna be a few weeks?

    • Especially if it's been a few weeks. If he wants to reconcile and work things out he'll contact you. He told you to leave him alone, you're just doing what he asked.