Just sex or maybe more?

Been having sex with one of my co workers, he use have a crush on me but no longer does! we can spend weekends together and most just cuddle and watch tv! we don't talk at work because in our office things go round like a wild fire and we like to keep this to our selves! but lately i have actually started to like him! we have mind blowing sex together! he takes an interest in me and my hobbies and actually remembers things! comes out with nice stuff like "your really cute you!" feeds me food, he seems enjoy the days we cuddle and watch tv! personally i get slightly jealous when i see him talking to other girls because i know he'll never see me that way! but at times i think he does, im not really sure! maybe im confusing good sex for feelings or maybe i'm not so crazy


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  • Don't mess around with co workers... never poop where you eat. If it falls apart, then rumors and crap talking happen. Plus interferes with productivity.


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  • You're just fuck buddies.