Should I be an open book, or should I keep things hidden for now?

I recently met a girl who I am actually interested in. I've been out of the whole dating thing for about 4 years now and I'm not sure how I should approach this.
I'm super into video games, anime, collecting anime figures/building Gundams, all that stuff that some people might define as "loser" hobbies. I really have no problem telling her straight out about the things I like, but it can probably backfire since I don't really know what she is into, and I possibly risk rhe chance of being avoided.
So should I be open about it, or should I show some restraint and tweak the truth about myself alittle?


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  • Just be open about it. There's no reason to be all secretive.

    • Alright, I'll just let it all out nexr time I see her, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Thanks!

  • Open book slowly

  • tell her everything you seem awesome :D

    • Ha thanks, I wish more people would consider me awesome x)

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