Is it bad if my boyfriend buys me my prom dress?

So recently, the idea of going to prom was last minute. My parents wouldn't let me go and EVERYTIME I would ask them if I could go they would say no. So FINALLY I convinced them after who knows how many times it took. So prom is a couple days away and I was low on money because I had to pay for my phone bill and I didn't make a lot plus I get paid minimum wage, and I had to pay for some other stuff. And so, I had to find a prom dress ASAP. So my boyfriend pitched in to help buy me a dress because I didn't have one. Is it bad that he did? Am I wrong in doing so? Should I have refused his offer?

Plus his parents are saying that it was disrespectful of me to accept the offer and that he shouldn't have paid for it because it was so expensive and he just started working and everything, now his Mom doesn't even like me anymore because I accepted his offer. Plus the fact that his sister interjected saying that her boyfriend gets 2K a week and she doesn't ask him for money. I don't know, it just really hurts my feelings his family said this. His Mom thinks I'm just using him but I'm not
Also to add to that, I've bought him loads of stuff and I helped him out even when he had no job. I paid for his gas, our dates, I've bought him A LOT of stuff and it's more than the amount my dress cost ($149 + $30 overnight shipping due to prom being a couple days away) His Mom started asking him "does she even care about you? Does she even realize your situation" and it insulted me and hurt my feelings because I'm not that type of person. Then now he says that I shouldn't have asked him


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  • No not at all it shows he cares about you


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  • Oh fuck no girl! Don't let people walk all over you! When her mom ask you if you even care about him! You tell her nah ma. I am a fuck gold digger!!! I don't care about him and walk out!

  • I wouldn't accept it if I was in your position. However, I do not consider that "bad".

    • Why?

    • You didn't have the resources and he offered them to you. It's not a big deal. It's not like you asked him to. If you would do the same thing if the positions were reversed, then it's fine.