Is it unreasonable to want someone to be exclusively seeing you if you've been going on multiple dates?

this guy and I have been talking for over 3 weeks, and we met 2 weeks ago, then this last weekend I spent the night at his house until sunrise (we didn't have sex and stayed up the whole night) and then the next night did the same for a few hours. Is it unreasonable to want him to only being seeing me at this point?


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  • Discuss it with him and see if he wants to make things exclusive with you as well.


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  • not really if you have no other love interests or if he seems like he has no one else. i thinking asking the guy would be fine, not sure why he would have an issue if your the only girl he is being with.

    • If he says no, should I drop him

    • yeah i would because asking again would be silly and you have to show him your not going to play games.

  • It's not unreasonable but it's also not unreasonable for him to want to see multiple people. This is the point where you talk things out about what each of you want out of it so neither of you gets fucked over.


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