Girls, I made an advance to sex and now she won't answer any of my phone calls and text. what should I do?

this girl I have been seeing for month won't answer my text or phone calls, after i tried to make a move towards sex. Ww have been talking of awhile we text and talk everyday when wer're together we are kissing... i mean what the heck... i figured by doing that i would know where things stand by when she rejected i asked, well what is this.. she just wants to see where is gos...


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  • Some women date with the intention of having sex and they don't mind offers for sex because they are enthusiastic about being "sex positive" and "sexually liberated". So they like to find attractive men, talk for a bit, and then have sex with them.

    Other women do not appreciate sexual advances from men they feel they barely know. They perceive it to be disrespectful and tacky. It makes them feel like his end goal is her vagina, not her heart, not her mind, and not what she can do without spreading her legs or showing her sexual side. Usually when you come off as a guy who just wants sex, these women get turned off permanently and there's nothing you can do about it but accept it and move on.

  • I would just say "listen i am sorry if i offended you or if you're not ready, i would love to take you for coffee and start over" If she doesn't respond then move on