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About 2 weeks ago my 25 year old boyfriend moved out of my place after 2 years. We have been fighting daily (mostly my fault), but we discussed still being together, and him moving out as temporary. I am even seeing a therapist. Well on Monday we got into a fight and my boyfriend told me "I am not myself anymore and I need to be me. I need to be left alone". We haven't talked since, and It hurts me that I see him Active on Facebook all day long, and its Wednesday and he hasn't even missed me enough to try and talk to me. He still has our photo on his facebook & his phone, I have his tv, computer, lots of stuff at my place... so I am assuming he wants to be with me. But how can he not miss me enough to reach out?


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  • You know my opinions on this. Lets see what other guys think.

    • :) you bet! AND, lets hope the best!

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  • no it's not offensive and just because he hasn't reached out to you doesn't mean that he doesn't miss the heck out of you

  • You don't seem to miss him enough to reach out either...

    • I tried to reach out, but he ignores me

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    • That's up to you. You decide when you put the limit. But don't just break up, set a fay, if after that day he hasn't texted you, then text him giving him an ultimatum, either you both solve the problem, or it's over.

    • Thanks. Makes sense to me

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