How do I tell if my boyfriend is dating me for my looks, or just for who I am like he should be??

We have been dating for like 2 months. I constantly get asked out,and when I ask the boys why they wanna go out with me, they almost always say because I'm hot. My boyfriend loves touching my hips, butt, and he is always playing with my hair. He never wants to talk about what I like and stuff like that. I don't really care if he is just dating me because I'm smoking,I'm just wondering.


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  • Almost all guys will date a girl because he is attracted to her. Very few date for any other reasons, although if you are decent looking and have a great personality a guy would go out with you. But a guy will always go out with someone he is attracted to, almost no exception. Well maybe a couple, I knew a couple of guys who dated girls for who they were. so yeah he will start liking you for who you maybe after 2 years of dating or 1 year. And when you said you ask them why you wanna go out with you what else to you expect them to say if they hardly knew you: Oh I saw you and you had the most amazing Porche and I knew you were the one? lol. I was just being sarcastic while proving a point, I hope this answers your question.


What Girls Said 1

  • Honestly don't ask the other guys ask your boyfriend. boys naturally wanna touch your body and play with your hair and other stuff.