Can't stop thinking about a girl I met, advise?

So I'm not the type to walk over to a woman that seems attractive, hit on her, ask for her number, and go for dates. It's really not that I can't (have done it before), I just don't feel comfortable with that approach for some reason. I'm more of the type that if we somehow end up getting to know each other, either through class, work, mutual friends hanging out frequently, and you seem like a chill person, I'll THEN ask for a way of contact and initiate hang outs/dates. However, there's this girl at my university that I would always end up sitting near at a favorite study spot. When we make eye contact we'd smile politely and just resume studying. After seeing her several times, I finally approached her and we conversed for a bit and got along fairly well. Now, not asking her for her number is completely my fault (like I said, I like to know the girl a bit casually before I ask for contact info), but due to finals being over (talked to her on what I believe was her last day of finals), I'm most likely not gonna see her until next semester or not at all. I have never had a problem with girls getting in my way of everyday things, but the thought of this girl for some reason just won't go away. Every single thing I do, couple minutes in, the thought of her just pops up into my mind and I find myself constantly reminding myself to focus. Now, other then "Go ask for her fucking number next time", any advise on how to go about getting her out of my mind? Cause it's starting to interfere with my life..


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  • Find ways to meet other girls/other people, go out more and pick some new hobbies.


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  • This is the problem... there's just one way to get her out of your mind and this one way is giving this case a closure. If you don't do anything about it you'll probably regret later. So, instead of trying to get her out of your mind (which you won't be able to do in a fast way), just do what needs to be done, and you know what needs to be done.

    • Haha, I'd love to close the case, but like I said, finals are over, and while I still go to that spot (work remotely, that spot has amazing WiFi), almost nobody goes there cause the semester is over. I tried to find her on Facebook to send a friend request (tried like 20 different combinations) but I didn't ask how her name was spelled and she had the most interesting name ever (Aztec, really cool!).

    • So, give it time, there's no formula to take someone out of your head (believe me, I have tried very much in the past), just time can do it. But I don't think that it would be good to make all thought about her disappear, give yourself hope until you see her again, just don't count on this hope, just have hopes.