Ladies, what can I do to attract a wonderful woman, and what can I do to improve on myself?

Hello, everyone. My name is Joshua, and I seem to have a bit of trouble finding a woman whom I am not only physically attracted to, but has a personality that I enjoy and accepts me for who I am. I am a happy person and carry myself upright, making sure to greet people as I pass by them, even though some may not be comfortable due to anxiety. I know for a fact that I have an attractive face and I am quite physically fit as well. I went to public school during my childhood, but still lived somewhat of a sheltered life. As a result, I turned out to be somewhat of an awkward kid and I was bullied and ostracized by others in middle school. I've never known much about sports, music or celebrities in general, but was a bit turned off by how the media portrayed certain images and how those around me (Such as my relatives and friends) would behave or obsess over such things. It's not that these topics don't interest me, but I would prefer to be around others that were a bit more tame. Still, I understand that everyone is different and has a reason for doing the things that they do. One of the things that truly have satisfied me for me life are video games (mostly Nintendo). It's a generic interest, but makes me happy. I ask this question, because although I am young (19), this presents and impediment to me in social settings and my daily life, and I wish to transcend beyond it. Years down the line, if I decide to marry someone, I will definitely treat her right and make an effort to stay connected with our families and friends. I'm a bit on the introverted side and not very obsessed with constantly making updates on social media websites. The thought of having to constantly make plans and arrangements for events and activities makes me a bit uneasy. I would also like to mention that I am open to all races; What matters to me is that we share the same culture and values. Ladies, what is it that I can do to attract more female attention or better yet, a wonderful women?


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  • take self improvement classes!

  • Your question is very general and therefore hard to answer.

    Well about improving yourself, you can't improve anything unless there is something you want to improve so I can only give your examples on my personal experiences. I used to be very self conscious and have low self esteem and self worth. To overcome that I asked myself what's the worst that can happen and if I can live with the worst outcome? I accepted myself for who I am even at my lowest then gradually raised the bar. After a lot pain and of self therapy I'm truly at a good place in my life.

    As for attracting someone wonderful, just be patient you will find that person eventually. I personally like guys who makes me laugh and is easy going. I enjoy spending time with someone who I can talk to for hours and not be bored.

    I'll stop here because if I keep going I'll end up writing a novel lol.

  • Watch deepak chopra's attracting soul mate video in youtube.


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