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hello, recently hooked up with a ultra-conservative baptist guy. I really liked him and we spent about 3 weeks talking via e-mail about everything...I have grown to like him, but when it came time for him calling back, I bailed on him on his calls. He left 2 msgs on my voice mail, but I did not return them.. In fact, everything went sour after I did not receive a call from him on Sunday, but he denied this and said he had called, but was busy. I highly doubt this, so I flew off my cool handle and started to rant through email my utter disappointment in him and told him that he was a jerk and blah blah naturally he took the hint that I hated him, but I was only acting out of anger...after not hearing from him for a week, I regretted what I said, and wanted him back, so I did the only clingy thing to do, the texting and emailing nonstop...he never responded to my plea, and it's pretty much finished...the thing is I still like him and wish for his forgiveness. I have his cell, and wish he would just try to explain to me that he is no longer responding to my contacts. Why do guys who get hurt do cold turkey completely...couldn't they have at least try to get back with me...for closure...After-all, it's not like I did not apologize and explain my reason for being a ruthless bitch at the end...O.k. so I understand why his is hurt, but why does he feel the need to just drop off the planet without even a word of explanation...We already know quite a bit about one another; families, interests, etc. and I have the 22 pages of emails to prove it...


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  • he's probably annoyed that you acted the way you did but to be honest you probably were never truly into him in the first place because you never called him back. your retaliation was just that. a retaliation because he didn't respond to you after you ignored him. I would suggest moving on or just giving him some space for a little while

    • So would he think I am a stalker if I tried to call him? Thanks for your upfront comment...

    • I wouldn't say that he thinks you are stalking him but but by trying to get in contact with him you are coming off way to aggressive, just tone it down a little and your welcome


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  • he was likely annoyed over the whole thing if you ask for my honest opinion and maybe being an online dating relationship he didn't feel that commited to you . I know he sent a lot of emails but emails are just emails not a commitment necessary . so maybe he figured he'd just move on to another online girl

  • You overreacted, he didn't like the way you behaved the follow up emails and texts just made you look like a stalker, or a psycho, he is not into you stop contacting him its over...


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