Did I over react?

So me and this girl had been talking for about a month and we had hung out a few times but she was really busy so I was just waiting for a that she wasn't bust but then yesterday she blocked me on snapchat Facebook twitter and my phone number. I saw her on her friends snapchat with this guy kissing at her softball game. so I went down there to talk to her and the guy pushed me so I punched him in the face. Now she's pissed and won't talk to me. Did I over react?


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  • She is not interested in you. As for you overreacting, you shouldn't have gone at the softball game. She already made it more than clear to you that she was not into you.


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  • Yeah, I mean, you weren't dating from what you've told us? Only hung out a few times in a month. Should have just let it go and found someone else.

    Although I will say the guy laid hands on you first so you had a right to defend yourself. But yeah, shouldn't have gone down there in the first place.

    • I agree with you but I'm proud of how I handled it. I have a really bad temper and I only hit him once so it turned out better than it could have