Should I go to prom?

Okay the problem isn't whether I want to go or not because I don't even know myself. Most of my good friends are going but my closest friend isn't going. I don't have a dress and it's literally 2 weeks away. I basically don't have anything planned. I am a transfer student so it's my first time going to this kind of thing. My parents kind of said I could't go but they gave me a condition like if i could help out and blah blah blah I could go. But they said they preferred if I skipped this one and go for the one next year because next year will be my last school year and I should go all out next year and plan everything. But they said it's okay if i went this year if i really wanted to. Im just scared like everyone will be talking about it the week after prom and I will be left out. But i have nothing planned and it's really too rushed but i still really want to go. But my parents also said that if i didn't go this year, they will get me a bunch of new clothes and shoes to make up for it. Should I wait and risk everything and go all out next year? I really feel like it would be a waste of money if i went this year because i wouldn't have proper shoes, dress etc bit i still really want to go...


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  • Personally I wouldn't go. I only went to my senior year prom and it's just an overhyped dance. To be honest I'm a bit biased since I'm not a fan of dancing or spending $300 for a one night kind of thing.

    People will most likely disagree with me but I think prom is just people trying to have fun. Some people will but if you ask anyone who goes to prom if they had fun they will say yes. It's just like this big event for no reason of everyone pretending they had fun to the outside world to fit in.

    I would stay home get a bunch of clothes from my parents and go next year. One: so you can plan it. Two: Get a date. There: it will be more magical if you go once compared to twice.


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  • If you really want to go maybe you can ask your relatives if they have kept a prom dress just in case, or you can find cheap prom dresses on amazon (however, I don't trust shopping online when it comes to clothes).