Could I still reconnect with my old highschool crush? HELP THANK YOU SO MUCH?

I had a girl who was basically my first love/crush. Her name was Jasmine :)
I met her in eighth grade, asked for her number, got it, texted a few times, made her laugh, but with being a youth dealing with love, things got awkward. Her friend was also my friend (we'll call her V) and secretly had a crush on me and sabotaged me with Jasmine so she could get with me. I kissed. big mistake. 9th grade I asked Jasmine to a dance a week before the dance (haha) and she said no she couldn't go. In 11th grade I was delivering my mixtape to people houses and asking for numbers. Jasmine gave me her number again and said it was cool to drop it off at her house. (I gave her a copy and she enjoyed it I think!) Skip to 12th grade. Since 10th grade, I had been flirting with Jasmine and asking her tons of questions on ask. fm when that was a thing. I even wrote her a rap lol. In 12th grade we were both in choir and she figured out it was me on ask asking her all sorts of questions and complementing her cus I was so shy (diagnosed with depression and anxiety and family problems kept me so very low and my confidence low and I was shy). At the time me and Jasmine's friend (V) had started talking again but we were just friends with benefits (she didn't know what she wanted and I really wanted Jasmine but i didn't mind a friends with benefits. Me and V had a thing and dry h*mped and she TOLD JASMINE EVERYTHING. I think it was good though because she knew I was good in bed lolll sorry). SO the day she figured out it was me on ask, she texted me late at night and we had a convo about the whole thing and it ACTUALLY went really well. Then Jasmine would give me really flirtatious looks in school and when we were walking. Smiling and giving me THOSE EYES, basically confirming she liked me if everything else didn't. We all went to college now but she is back in our pretty small town. I was wondering if I should go to her job or something, send her friend request on FB and try to get her to be my girl even after school. HELP!


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What Girls Said 1

  • How much do you like her?

    • a lot man I followed her sister on twitter just to se her easily lollll

    • Then I'd say go for it
      Get her number again somehow and start chatting with her say you'd like to meet up to reunite

What Guys Said 2

  • Your a bold dude for that whole thing with V. Make a move dude, it's been what 6 years now? If this girl still has feelings for you then you're quite lucky.

  • Yep you should initiate something 💁