Help!! I really need to know if I wanna continue my feelings toward a certain guy?

The guy i like and i have been talking for months.. Yesterday, the store owner asked about the guy i like, courting me... I said no and asked why? She said that "nothing, she just notices it". His dad is really nice to me, but it seems to me that his dad's filipina girlfriend and some of her friends does not like me. They keep on talking loudly on purpose for me to hear, like last time they keep on insisting that they will introduce him to some sexy call center agent. And his dad's girlfriend said loudly that "I dont like her".


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  • If you can't handle criticism from an equal outsider of the family then don't try to get with him. I think that's a poor excuse to not date someone but it's really your call on how much criticism and hate you can take.

  • You want us to tell you how you feel? You feel like you'll never stop.


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