When can I give a guy I met on Facebook or Whatsapp my phone number? and when can I accept his invitation to launch?

I live in a small country it is not like US and chances to meet weird and dangerous people are quiet under control.
So some guys are interested to know me after sharing my opinions or selling a book or something.. so we start talking.
After how much time can I give him my phone number and after how much time can I accept to meet him?
guys tend to think you are an easy girl if you were nice like I am.


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  • Well if he think your easy that's disrespectful. Second off just do what your heart tell you. If he doesn't like that about you than your not suppose to be with a guy who may think ur easy n your emotions are too strong. Marry the right kinda of person. Too many kids these days with out a father.


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  • Be extremely careful about handing your number out. You can be talking to one guy for a week and trust him enough to give out your number, another may take months. It's up to you how comfortable you are talking to him and willing to arrange a meeting. If you're trying to arrange meeting give him your number. I'd also ask for a facebook page and check out the images to make sure he is who he says he is.

  • Use the messaging to arrange a date in a public place before giving him your phone number.

  • Whenever you feel comfortable enough to do so, and you trust the other person.