Crazy narcissist playing games?

i met a guy two months ago. From the beginning, he kept begging to hang out with me, even move in with me. first he was nice but then he got crazy- the psycho was totally psycho, a patho liar, on lots of meds, bipolar unstable and crazy. He went to med school and got arrested for writing a fraudulent script for a girl. Now he's staying at this place, with these people. He talks to lots of women at once and leads them all on. He also wanted these women to all meet and be friends. One girl got mad jealous and ditched him. He was really upset, and i think even mentioned how he broke into her house. his dads a lawyer and has money but he's broke and trying to take from women or others.

The last few times we hung out--he was crazy rude or psycho. Last time, he had some woman call me on my way there, and say to leave him alone. He told me to still come, and he said we had to go to her house. I said no way. He felt bad for her cuz she was alone- im thinking wtf? he treated me like crap, then took his dlck out and asked me to grab it. i said no and he still hasn't even given me oral sex. I took him back. At this point i said i didn't want to talk to him anymore. I sort of 'cut ties' but the guy is into witchcraft and basically, did some bad sh*t to me all week I've been suffering and begging him to stop.. i also did contact him.. but he wasn't talking to me then and doing this. for people who dont think its real, it is.. its bad.
then when he did talk to me, a week later he said he had moved in with that other woman.. sure it would 'hurt' but it hurts worse with all this energy crap... its some kind of torture. I'm trying to figure out the game he's playing.. he's making me want him through the 'silent treatment" (really energy but pretend that's not there)... so he made me want him.. now he's saying he's with another woman- she's really ugly fat dark and creepy too. im young and hot.. but he still sort of wants to move in with me.. i assume he's using it as a tactic


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  • What do you want out of this? You make him sounds crazy so I don't think I understand why you would want this dude to move in with you.

    • no he wants to move in with me... and he's torturing me.. wtf

  • You're working too hard.

  • This is a troll folks.


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