How do I bring this up to my boyfriend?

Last night my boyfriend was out with some friends at the bars. apparently they met up with some girls, which doesn't bug it. But I have a few of my boyfriend's friend's on snapchat and they were posting pictures and videos of the girls grinding on the guys and kissing them. In one video I saw a girl grinding on my boyfriend and another one a girl was hugging him (possibly kissing I couldn't tell). I haven't talked to him since last night and I'm scared to bring this up to him.


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  • Lol that's way inappropriate. Your boyfriend will try and lay it out like you are a crazy jealous bish but you are entitled to feel angry. I'd dump him tbh.


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  • Face him Down about his Night on the Town...
    He is Probably more 'Scared' of you right now, For Fear here, dear, You will find out what he did when he Painted the Town... Beet Red.
    Good luck and Go get him. xx

    • Don't be surprised if he says "I don't remember, I was drunk as a skunk."xx

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    • @apple24 oh, wow, really? Oh, wow, I am so sorry, @apple24.. When Applefan and I had a fight over his Bad moods and disrespect on gag, I unfollowed him and maybe I thought with "Your name" I gotthe two mixed up by accident... xx

    • Thank you for the Vote of Confidence. xxoo

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  • Don't be scared. WHY are you so afraid of him leaving! Hell if it were me! He wouldn't hear the end of it and than bye bye MF! lol

  • Meet with him in person and calmly ask him why he thought it was acceptable to let someone grind on him.

  • Just ask him outright. Beating around the bush will only make it more awkward