I need to confront a guy but unsure how to do it?

I've been talking to this guy for a few weeks now and he's been hot and cold with me. I saw him all last week while he was working on my building and he slapped my ass asked for a neck rub after work and never showed. Then next day he was being a pompous jerk. He left some things at my house that he said he will come and get but didn't say when. We aren't going to be alone seeing how I have roommates he is friends with. Do I warn him that I want to talk to him through a text? Do I just go up to him and say can I borrow you for a minute and drag him in a different room? And I still like the guy and I'm ok with or without a relationship (preferably with) but I want this to go as smoothly as possible but I can't let it go because I need to stand up for myself and I don't appreciate the games! Ideas?


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  • i dont know really

    • @amy-louise-H sorry, this time i didn't get why it happened. there was wrong with the site i guess.
      i used the same mail adress which i used for last one

  • then don't do it


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  • You said you are OK with or without a relationship but it does not sound like that is true. If you were OK without a relationship then everything he has done so far would be fine and there would be no "need to confront" him whatever that means,

    I think you need to figure out if you really are OK with things being casual. If not, then either walk away or ask him if he wants to date you with the goal of seeing if you would be right together for a committed monogamous relationship.

    Being direct in life, especially in relationships, is most always the best option, I believe.

    Good luck to ya'.