Senior and a Freshman?

A senior guy started hitting me up. I'm a freshman. I'm 15 and he's 17. Is he just trying to get with an "easy" freshman or get nudes (not that I'm that type of girl) or do you think there could be more to it? So far this guy has told me I'm "hot" and "attractive" which kind of came as a red flag to me being that he is a senior, but he's also asked me about my self and what I like to do. He also asked me if I'm into dating, which came as a surprise. So what do you think his intentions are?


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  • Regardless of his intentions, i don't think its a good idea. There are probably hundreds of freshman or sophomore boys to choose from, so why even risk dating a senior?

    Not trying to tell you what to do, just saying it sounds like a bad idea.


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  • It's never a good thing when a senior guy wants to hang out with a freshman girl.

    • you're actually totally right because his intentions were just made very clear and lets just say they were less than innocent LOLOLOL

    • Lesson learned. Please be sure to share your story with other girls who are in similar situations.

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  • Lol who cares like 15-17 is such a huge difference. Literally 2 years bro. Just go with the flow.


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  • I don't think its a good idea. A senior dating a freshman never turns out good. They don't actually want to date you they just want you as a booty call to have sex with you and then they move on to the next week. Don't do it, its not worth the risk. I've seen a lot of girls get hurt from it too, take my advice from a senior that's about to graduate.

  • don't get involved with a senior especially if you're a freshman trust me all they want is to fuck and move on, talking from personal experience, you're better off with another guy, anytime a senior calls you "hot" it's a bootycall he's looking for