Do I have a chance with this girl?

I met this girl who I like a few months ago we texted for awhile but she was in a relationship with her baby's dad. Well a month ago I got served with eviction papers and have to be out within a month. She offered me a place to stay but i declined saying i had feelings for her she said ok the offers still on the table. Well 2 weeks later I see her at the gas station and I only had 2 weeks to be out and asked her if I could still stay She said yes stating that She broke up with her baby's dad and he moved out of state to his family's house her kid likes me a lot. but I asked her if she was dating this boy I seen her with she stated no she wasn't ready for a relationship right now. so a few hours later I asked her if we ever had a chance in the future she said maybe. Is this something that she really needs time for? am I supposed to make a move? Wait a few weeks and ask? Or is she simply trying to say she's not interested in me? I really like her and don't want to get hurt in the future let me know please and thank you

Any opinions girls?


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  • It sounds like you are both dealing with a lot right now. If you want thing to work out with her, giving her some time might be for the best. Moving in could work either way. Maybe by showing her your reliability (rent, food, helping with the kid) she might give you a real change as time goes on.
    Though it could also be really awkward for you if she's just putting off your feelings. You have to decide if the risk is worth it or not.
    Good Luck!


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  • There is always hope.


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  • Ofc you have