He's just not that into you?

How do you know this? Okay, so at part time job I met this guy (unfortunately it was the last day of work since it was contractual). He was super nice and he sent a lot of signs that he was "interested", i. e stuck close to me the whole shift and breaks, talked all the time (we had nothing to do then), and shared his likes and dislikes. When his friends comes close and tease us, he would respond that we are just friends and try to get them to go away. We exchanged numbers afterwards and that was the last time we saw each other (about 6 days ago).

Long story short, I texted him first as I felt comfortable enough like we were friends. It was a safe enough text. Every day I would text a simple goodnight or good morning in which I would get no response. If I ask a question though or open a topic (twice I tried during the six days) his responses seemed to be polite responses that would not let a conversation flow.

My question is, is it time to move on or give him time? I know his workload is over the top these fast few days because of the nature of our work (we are required to sleep over at the company sometimes because of the workload). But a simple text of maybe "have a great day" that could let me know that he is interested but just busy is not that hard right? What are your experiences in this matter?


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  • He does not sound that interested and you have been texting EVERY day without a response and texted him multiple times a day? You also may have scared him off at this point. That is way too much at this point especially when he has not written back. No he is not too busy to write back he is not interested and do not text him anymore and next time do not text someone this much if they aren't responding. I recommend waiting for them to text otherwise send ONE without a response and that is it!!!

    • Nah. she texted him once a day with a simple greeting of good morning or good night; and texted him every other day (since it says twice during the six days). I say the greeting is a simple enough friendly gesture. But you're right. She should not text the guy anymore. He's probably playing around or maybe just a flirt. No matter how busy, a guy would find time to text you if he is interested.

    • @keigc Right but if she is texting him good morning and night and then sent two other texts then that is at least twice on some days. I would have maybe sent two texts and if he did not write back then leave it alone. I guess I was a little harsh but all that texting with no response at all is a kind of a lot. Only other guess is that it is the wrong number since he has not written back at all and seemed to be at least friends with her. Or, if she asked for his number first then maybe he just gave it to her to be nice without any intention on using it. Either way, he would have written back by now if interested.

  • He's not interested, just move on!

  • follow your gut feeling. It's right most of the time.